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Professional Systems for Security and Control by Internet


                            VW16Z                                                                                      KIT - VW16Z





Ordering codes: - circuit board                         - circuit board and metal case

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  • INNOVAbus - serial bus for up to 8 resourses expansions, like keypads, zone expanders, communication interfaces

  • 16 fully programmable wired zones

  • Expandable up to 128 zones

  • 8 real partitions

  • Up to 900 different passwords (up to 100 in the VW16 alarm panel)

  • Buffer for up to 2048 events

  • Up to 8 keypads

  • 2 programmable outputs, open collector (for automation features)

  • Integrated Telephone Line detector

  • Features for kidnapping situations

  • Anti invasion feature available for all zones

  • 2 siren ouptus

  • Main siren ouput (supports up to 2,5A)

  • Auxiliary power output (supports up to 1,2A)

  • Up to 4 phone numbers for alarm signal receiving, with up to 20 digits each number

  • Remote or local firmware update (using freeware VIAWEB Download software)

  • Remote or on site fully programmable

  • Power supply supervision

  • Controlled battery charging

  • Remote monitoring of power supply and battery levels

  • Independent auto arm for each partition (also in case of "no motion detection")

  • Independent auto disarm for each partition

  • System clock updated automaticaly by the events receiver VIAWEB Receiver

  • Compatible with VIAWEB GPRS / IP communication modules, enabling additional communication ways


Technical Specification


Power Supply: 110V - 220Vac Full Range / Battery 12 Vdc 7,0 Ah

Programmable Outputs (PGM): 100 mA (open collector)

Main siren output: 13.6 – 14.0 V (when operating with battery) up to 2,5A

Auxiliary power output: 13.6 – 14.0 V (when operating with battery) up to 1,2A

Battery fuse: 5A

Resistence of the zone loop: 50 ohms

Minimal time for zone open detection: 100 ms (100ms to 2 seg)