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Ordering code (black front panel):

Ordering code (white front panel):



  • Programmable auto arm

  • Blue display, 128 x 64 pixels

  • Shows the status of up to 128 zones

  • Programmable access to the operation of partitions; when programmed restricted partitions are unavailable for consulting or operation

  • Programmable operation of leds and backlight

  • Night mode - backlight and leds are turned off when keypad is not in use

  • Easy operation of programmable outputs for automation (PGMs)

  • Easy Arm Feature - system arming without password (stay) and with automatic bypass of programmed zones

  • Different exhibition modes of zones status: all zones, open zones, map of zones

  • Compatible with all VIAWEB alarm panels

  • Programmable device address in the system

  • Programmable idle screen: zones, partitions, system information

  • Dimensions: 11,4 x 7,1 x 1,7cm.

  • Portuguese and Spanish.

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