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VIAWEB Smart Motion Detector:

  • Two PIR detectors

  • Two separated lens (Fresnel)

  • Separated chambers for each sensor, avoiding external luminous interferences

  • Tamper supervision

  • Battery supervision

Ordering code: (Smart 1212 Wireless Controller)

Ordering code: (VIAWEB Smart Motion Detector)

Ordering code: (VIAWEB Smart Remote Control)

Ordering code: (VIAWEB Smart Magnetic Detector)

Smart 1212 Wireless Controller

  • Operation frequency: 433 MHz

  • 12 wireless zones

  • 12 channels for Remote Controls

  • Local or remote programming

  • Wireless detectors and Remote Controls can be deleted remotely (using VIAWEBdownload management software)

  • Each Remote Control has its own user identification

  • Compatible with all VIAWEB alarm panels. Connection by INNOVAbus proprietary serial interface, which enable connections up to 900 meters

VIAWEB Smart Remote Control

  • Each Remote Control has its own user identification

  • Separated buttons for alarm system controlling and automation features; enables controlling of programmable outputs

VIAWEB Smart Magnetic Detector

  • Tamper supervision

  • Battery supervision

  • Reports the real status: sends closed status when closed, sends open status when open

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