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VW10ZIP Alarm Panel

Ordering code: (alarm panel, IP interface, ABS case).



  • Expandable

  • 10 wired zones

  • 8 real partitions

  • Up to 900 different passwords (up to 100 in the VW10Z alarm panel)

  • Buffer for 128 events

  • 2 programmable outputs (for automation applications)

  • 2 sirens outputs

  • 1,2A siren output (when system battery is installed)

  • Auxiliary power output (supply up to 1,2A)

  • Integrated Telephone Line detector



Other Features

  • System configuration using the freeware software VIAWEB Download

  • Remote programming by IP or telephone line (using VIAWEB Download)

  • Local programming by IP or serial interface (using VIAWEB Download)

  • Compatible with VIAWEBservice DDNS

  • Combatible with VIAWEBmobile

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